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Our whole lives are now stored on our computers, our photos, music, movies, files and more. But what happens if your computer crashes or is lost or stolen? It is now more important than ever to start backing up your hard drive so you never lose those priceless wedding photos, or MP3s you have been buying as you no longer have full CD or DVD racks with a physical copy. By choosing a online backup provider you can easily store all your files online so you are never without your files, and if your pc crashes you wont lose your files as with a few clicks you can download a full restore of your files and documents. So we have put together this website using over 7 years of experience in the file hosting industry to provide independent reviews of over 30 online backup providers. Use this website to compare over 30 online backup providers. If you have used any of the online backup providers listed please share your experiences with our visitors. Let us find the best online backup provider for you.

Rank Company Price Storage Features Sharing Score
1 Free (Limited Offer) Unlimited Mac Compatible, Automated Backups Yes 96%
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2 $3.95 Unlimited iPad App, iPhone App Yes 95%
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3 $4.95 250GB Scheduled Backups, Backup External Drives Yes 94%
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4 $6.66 50GB Selective Backups, Idle Backups Yes 91%
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5 $9.95 10GB PC Compatible, Mac Compatible No 91%
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6 $4.95 Unlimited Sync Space, Drag and Drop Yes 90%
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7 $9.99 60GB Email Support, Sync Space Yes 90%
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8 $7.99 125GB Referral Program, Full Computer Restore No 90%
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9 $4.99 50GB File Manager, Idle Backups No 90%
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10 $7.95 Unlimited Referral Program, Encrypted No 89%
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The ratings and reviews expressed on this site are the opinion of and are subject to change due to popularity, price, current events. We work hard to offer our visitors reliable, valuable and unbiased information about all of the products and services we feature and review. In order to provide you with this free service some of our links allow us to receive commission for referring you to the sellers website.

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